Supported WordPress Plugins

SimDex provides support for all of the following WordPress plugins (including both free and paid versions in addition to all official add-ons) as part of any WordPress Maintenance Plan: ActiveCampaign Admin Columns Advanced Custom Fields Akismet All plugins developed by Automattic/WooCommerce All plugins developed by SimDex BackupBuddy Better Search Replace Broken Link Checker BulkPress Classic […]

WordPress Web Hosting Recommendations

Budget: SiteGround StartUp Hosting PlanPrice: $14.99/month ($179.88/year)Learn More and Sign Up → Balanced: SimDex High Performance Hosting Plan (my company’s hosting plan)Price: $21.58/month ($259/year)Learn More and Sign Up → Best: WP Engine Startup Hosting PlanPrice: $25/month ($300/year)Learn More and Sign Up →

WordPress Training Resources

WordPress General Official Documentation New to WordPress – Where to Start WordPress Editor Administration Screens Posts Writing Posts Posts Screen Media (Images, Videos, Documents) Media Library Screen Media Add New Screen Pages Pages Pages Screen Pages Add New Screen Menus Appearance Menus Screen […]

Website Content and Feedback Guidelines

Website Text Guidelines Do NOT send Word documents; instead, embed or insert text directly into email body Do NOT use a corporate or formal tone; instead, use a friendly, personal tone Do NOT use any special text formatting or styling besides bold, italics, and underline Do NOT use cliché, generic, misleading, or vague marketing or […]

Content and Data Formatting Guidelines

Unstructured Text (Document Files) Acceptable File Formats ✓ HTML (HyperText Markup Language) ✓ MD (Markdown) ✓ RTF (Rich Text Format) ✓ TXT (Plain Text) Unacceptable File Formats × DOCX/DOC (Microsoft Word) × PDF (Portable Document Format) Structured Text (Spreadsheet Files, Databases) Acceptable Spreadsheet File Formats ✓ CSV (Comma-Separated Values) ✓ GSHEETS (Google Sheets) ✓ HTML […]